Development Plan

Development Plan & Results Report

Wabamun School's Development Plan is an integral component of our school accountability and assurance. This plan is an extension of the Parkland School Division Education Plan, which sets out educational priorities and assurance elements within the domains of education, while outlining the Division's Vision, Mission, Values, Ultimate Goal and Priorities. A strong plan implements strategies to maintain or improve student learning and achievement - while monitoring and adjusting as needed - and to help the school and division in making evidence-based decisions.

2021-2022 Wabamun Results Report 2022-2023 Wabamun School Development Plan 

Every Parkland School Division school has evaluated their progress from last year in a Development Plan Results Report, using internal data, ThoughtExchange survey results, and Assurance survey results.

The goal of the Development Plan is to outline the strategies the school will follow for the 2022-2023 school year, based on their Element(s) of Focus, with the goal of improving their practices and achieving their desired state - one that aligns with the Division's Mission, Vision and Values.

By participating in Alberta Education’s Assurance Model, our school and our stakeholders are actively engaged in the development of our own local priorities and plans. Our development plan allows us to remain simultaneously forward-thinking and responsive to stakeholder concerns.

Element of Focus - Students Demonstrate Well-being

The Alberta Education Act s.45(8) notes that “a Board shall ensure that each student enrolled in a school operated by the board is provided with a safe and caring environment that fosters and maintains respectful and responsible behaviours.” 

Parkland School Division is committed to Student Success and Well-Being. The Division recognizes that, as a system, well-being must be present for all stakeholders, and therefore is committed to fostering physical literacy, life-long health and well-being at all levels. The Division believes that student success is closely linked to student well-being and the development of social-emotional assets that build resiliency. Students may experience well-being as a product of social success. 

Our students shared wellness concerns with the Board during our March, 2021 Student Advisory session. Students discussed the challenges that the pandemic has created for sports and activities, as well as the psychological challenges of limited interaction and the impact that social distancing and other restrictions has had on interpersonal relationships. It is clear that wellness is recognized as a major area for focus for staff and students during the pandemic and, for a variety of reasons, it is expected that this concern will remain as we emerge from this significant event. 

Given the wellness challenges, our students noted that it would be beneficial to advertise counselling services that may be available. They noted that, for some students, it may be uncomfortable to go to a counsellor because they may not be ready to discuss matters with their parents. Our students discussed the challenge of wellness and wondered how school staff might help with guidance to resolve these concerns. Our students are vocal that they are tired of the ongoing pandemic and are hopeful that it will soon be over. 

It is important to note that the challenges and struggles did not emerge as the major focus for our Student Advisory Team. What emerged, instead, is that our students are deepening their skills for resilience, finding ways to connect, and maintaining their focus for learning to the best of their abilities. Our students are doing their best to thrive in the face of ongoing adversity. 

Parkland School Division schools will continue to explore research and initiatives aimed at increasing student wellness. For instance, the Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund – a joint initiative between the University of Alberta, Alberta Health, and Alberta Education – provides assistance to schools through its resource: the Developing Healthy School Communities Handbook. The resource notes that “a healthy school community embeds a culture of wellness for the entire school community using a comprehensive school health framework to create an inclusive, collaborative and connected environment (p. 1.2)” 

Wellness in Parkland School Division exists as a priority. Our future planning for education continues to consider how best to achieve this aspect of our Ultimate Goal.

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