Bell Schedule

School Office Hours: 7:45am-2:45pm

Bell Times

Breaks and Periods

7:35-7:45am Bus Arrival
7:35-7:57am Morning Supervision
7:57-8:00am School Entry Students head to class
8:00-8:02am Attendance / Agendas / Announcements
8:02-8:43am Block 1
8:43-9:24am Block 2
9:24-10:05am Block 3
10:05-10:20am Recess
10:20-11:01am Block 4
11:01-11:42am Block 5
11:42am-12:02pm Lunch in classrooms
12:02-12:32pm Lunch recess
12:32-1:13pm Block 6
1:13-1:54pm Block 7
1:54-2:35pm Block 8
2:35-2:45pm After School Bus Supervision

For more information contact:
Wabamun School
Phone: 780-892-2271